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Grupo PRENEAL, established in 1996, is an independent shareholders company whose main purpose is to promote, construct and operate wind farms in Spain. Preneal has participated in the development and construction of seven wind farms, with a total of 152 MW in Aragón, now in operation, in the plateaus of La Muela and La Plana, near Zaragoza city centre. Preneal has also developed and still operates eight wind farms in the North Zone of the Soria province with a total of 177 MW of installed power.

The company is developing projects in Aragón, Asturias, Castile - La Mancha and Castile and León, with an added power of more than 1.100 MW, and with their permits, licenses, and accesses to the electric networks in different states of approval.

The Preneal structure is organized is organized according to the different activities that develop, namely: Engineering, Development and Operation. The engineering activities, such as the investigation of the wind resource, the installation, reading and management of the measurement towers, the micrositing, the production calculations, the project execution, the monitoring of files, etc. are all executed by a highly specialized human team and the most updated material resources.

The development activities are managed by different companies, depending on their geographic area of performance. Each wind farm is operated by a different company, generically called “Project Vehicle Company” or PVC, which is established at the most appropriate time and depends on the rules of each Autonomous Community.

In order to diversify risks and to make a substantial contribution to the growth of PRENEAL in terms of installed MW capacity, the Preneal Board of Directors decided to launch its international expansion in the year 2003. As a result, PRENEAL participates in different wind energy projects, currently being developed in different countries (Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Canada and Mexico) in order to obtain between 1,500 MW and 1,700 MW of installed power between 2011 and 2016.

In December 2006, Eolia Mistral, Eolia Gregal, Preneal and Banco Sabadell sign the first agreement that is consolidated in July 2007 with the formal constitution of Eolia Renovables de Inversiones. The project quickly learns about the investment of financial resources and the integration of 157 new partners that invest assets for a total of 1,537 MW among the farms that are operational, under construction or in the final phase of development. Among the promoting partners that invest assets it is worth noting that Preneal invests more than 300 MW, making it the participant with the most participation.

The creation of the Renewable Energy Generation Control Centre allows for monitoring and remote control of any renewable energy installation in any part of the world and in order to be able to take the necessary actions if a problem is detected. The technology used by this Centre allows for a correct treatment of the wind farms incidents by improving their production through immediately detecting problems (24 hours a day and 365 days per year), managing the necessary resources to solve the problems as quickly as possible, and creating periodic reports that allow for the analysis of incidents and the possible preventative measures that could be taken.

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