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In 2006, PRENEAL created the CECOGE through an affiliate company, with the technical assistance of INDRA. The system makes the easy integration of any renewable energy asset, including the electric infrastructures of evacuation, regardless of the part of the world where they are located. It is predicted that up to 1900 MW will be managed in 2012. The CECOGE, besides fulfilling the current legislation and operational procedures of the system operator, also contributes an added value from the following points of view:

  • Supervision and control: It acquires and monitors more than 1500 signals per park and substation, being able to immediately respond to any incident.
  • Operation: Interaction with manufacturers of the equipment and maintenance staff, for repairing damages on-site or resetting aerogenerators while under guarantee.
  • Regulation: Makes the renewable energy manageable, through the regulation capacity of active and reactive power.

This added value allows the owner to increase the produced energy, optimize the day-to-day management of the renewable energy installations’ output, which leads to a reduced operational costs and increased availability. The large quantity of collected and monitored data from the installations, which are stored in the real time and past databases, allows the owner to have complete information about the installation.

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