Technical Capacity

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PRENEAL S.A. has its own engineering department, which has developed its own methodology to process and correlate the original wind measurement data from different meteorological observations and integrate them with the data obtained from their own measurements.

All the wind engineering activities, such as the investigation of the wind resource, installation, reading of data and management of measurement towers, the micro-implantation of aerogenerators, production calculations, project execution, monitoring of files, etc. are all developed by their own staff, made up of a highly specialized human team and the most updated material resources. (WindPRO, WAsP, etc.).

On an international level, the group has affiliate companies in every country of establishment, equipped with specialized human resources.

The affiliate CECOGE S.L. (Renewable energy Generation control centre) operates a control centre from which all the operational farms belonging to them and other external generators are supplied and managed.


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